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obamacare policy and thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhatr tonight's "willis report." have a great weekend and we will be back on monday. lou: the obama white house has refused to divulge the number of people who have enrolled in obamacare since the law went into effect. and now we know why. the numbers are so embarrassingly low that the obama administration is scrambling to wish her that this signature legislative achievements survive the obamacare disaster. i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: evening, everyone. the obamacare website is a disaster. max baucus is calling for major changes in the program now in enrollment numbers for the first few days of the obamacare rollout are dramatically disappointing for the administration. the white house has been telling us for months that millions of americans have been visiting health care.gov, but the house oversight committee released internal notes from meetings that show only six people in total successfully enrolled on the first day enrolled. obamacare is a train wreck that has become a laughingstock as a result. as of today, the hite house pushed back ex
of obamacare under congress' general taxing power. the court noted specifically that, quote, even if the taxing power enables congress to impose a tax on not obtaining health insurance, any tax must still comply with other requirements in the constitution, unquote. mr. speaker, i want to read that one more time. even if the taxing power enables congress to impose a tax on not obtaining health insurance, any tax must still comply with other requirements in the constitution, unquote. in short, mr. speaker, obamacare was upheld as a tax. the supreme court did not and has not yet considered a challenge to the affordable care act's taxing provisions on the grounds that it violated the origination clause in the united states constitution. and, mr. speaker, it most certainly did exactly that. mr. speaker, the origination clause is found in article 1, section 7 of the constitution. and it states, quote, all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the house of representatives, unquote. in creating obamacare, senator harry reid took an entirely unrelated bill, h.r. 3590, containing just 714 words, a
of americans would lose their health plans under obamacare this is unfolding by the hour. good morning, this is what we have this hour on "america's newsroom." martha: we have a lot. good morning, bill. good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. these numbers are staggering. our own reporting shows that the white house knew 67% of the 14 million people who buy their own insurance can expect a cancellation letter in the mail. nbc news put that is number as high as 80%. that is more than 11 million people, folks, who already either lost their medical insurance or soon will. >> so if the president truly knew this would happen way back when, 2010, that means he continued to make the promises he knew he could not keep under this law, after signing the overall law in march of 2010. stephen hayes, senior writer "weekly standard," fox news contributor. parse this now, steve. your take? >> this is bigpretty big deal. this is confirmation of what many republicans were saying all along. the main promise of the white house's president obama's signature domestic policy that you could keep your
at their job. >> right. >> meets your definition of credible insurance they can't get obamacare subsidies. >> that's correct. >> if a person is 25 years old and they go on the website and say their income is x and that is eligible for subsidy, they can get that subsidy. if they're eligible to be on the parents plan they're not elgible for the subsidy. >> that's right. >> the question is are you filtering that? here is the problem, if you get this wrong you have to take that money back in their tax refund. tax refunds matter. people plan lives around tax refunds. plan spring break for kids. >> i understand that. >> plan car payments and bills and what people in this country don't yet know which you if you get this wrong you already acknowledged you're not doing it right they will get the tax refun taken away from them because they signed up for an subsidy which they are not epgable for which they didn't know. >> if you're on the site, this is part of clear instructions for folks under age 2, including the fact you're basically completing this application under penalty of perjury. very clea
is testifying in the house about healthcare.gov and you have called obamacare a rolling disaster but you haven't called for her to resign. why not? >> well, look, i don't think anybody could make this work. we said back in 2009 when it was passed without a single vote to spare, not a single member of my party in the house or senate voting for it it couldn't possibly work. we predicted that insurance -- health insurance premiums would go up, jobs would be lost and the president's prince pal promise that if you had your health insurance and you liked it you'd be able to keep it, none of that would happen. regretfully, from the point of view of those who advocated this, the critics were entirely correct. the web site may be good item for late night comedy but even if people are able to get on it, one thing you can be sure of is the choices will not be good, the premiums will be higher. >> ifill: but back to secretary sebelius. she said this morning she should be held accountable. you don't think accountability involves resignation? >> she works for the president. the president makes a decision ab
quotes ronald reagan's speech in 1906 as he opposed obamacare. >> ted cruz is not the spokesman for conservatives. paul ryan. let me start with his his assumption. it's not that government doesn't have a role. his assumption is that the welfare state as established with great success by liberals has now reached a point where it no longer fits. with the new demographics and higher technology and medicine, we'll simply become insolvent unless we radically reform. i'll give you one fact. when social security was instituted, the age of longevity was 62. today life expectancy is 80. so what sufficient a huge -- so what you have is a huge change in the demographics and when you look to europe which is the social democratic state where we're headed which has all the entitlements of the government activities which a liberal would want and -- to with wit american liberalism is headed it became insolvent because it never adapted to the change in demographic and technology. >> jon: if it was ever presented in that fashion, the way you just presented it, i think the conversation we would be
the obamacare train wreck. americans remember a, quote, soothing assurance from president obama in 2009 when he was hawking his affordable care act to the masses. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. now tell that to the hundreds of thousands of americans who already have received letters from health plans essentially telling them you are on your own, end of quote. as the failed rollout of obamacare continues, american families are beginning to see its disastrous impacts, and this is just the beginning. in the coming weeks more reports will reveal their president's signature health care law will increase premium rates, force employers to cut back on workers' hours, destroying jobs, and terminate existing policies for needy families. congress must address this issue. the house has acted. the senate must do the same to protect every american family from an unsustainable disaster. in conclusion, god bless our troops and we'll never forget september 11 and the global war on terrorism. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does
known as the affordable care act or obamacare. from today's washington journal we will show you as much of this as we can until the senate gavels in at 2:00 eastern to risk on this segment of the washington journal we have been taking a look at the implementation of the affordable care act with the help of supporters from kaiser health news. this week julie appleby is back to discuss the reason why some individuals have seen their plans canceled by providers and the law has gone into effect. it's become a hot topic on capitol hill among some talking heads with julie appleby to discuss the mechanics at play. why are some people receiving cancellation notices? >> guest: these are people who buy their own coverage because they don't get it through their job. so these are folks who are small business owners, self-employed, an increasing number of contract workers don't get health insurance so they buy their own. many farmers by their own. about 5% by their own coverage to read many of them are getting notices that we don't know exactly how many but many are given the notices saying the curr
tenfold. this is because of the obamacare regulations. she is trying to say that it is fine and everybody has to pay for pregnancy and prostate cancer, so it all works out -- that is a one payer system. if that is what they wanted to force people into, to make it such a mess that they will come ,ack with a one payer system that is what they wanted in the first place -- i do not understand. going to gain from this? they are also issuing cancellation policies. host: kaiser health is a nonprofit news service. they are independent from the -- fromermanent tape kaiser permanente. they cover things like the health law, hospitals, doctors, insurance -- they have been helping us over the past couple of weeks to explain this law to folks. he brings up the medicare issue, if you want to touch on that. guest: mostly the law affects people in a couple of ways. one of the ways he may be talking about is slowing down the payments for medicare advantage. market,the private private insurers offering medicare coverage to folks who sign up for it. it is an alternative to traditional medicare. the program i
-time low. obamacare is at a rough start. more u.s. spy revelations have rocked even our closest allies. and did the president consider replacing vice president joe biden with then-secretary of state hillary clinton? that's according to a bombshell in a new book "double down, game changing 2012." bob wood card, katty kay, david axelrod, bill kristol. i'm david gregory in washington. >>> and good sunday morning. the killing of a tsa agent at los angeles international airport is raising questions about the motives of the 23-year-old suspect, and also airport security. do tsa agents need to be armed? our justice correspondent pete williams will be here in a little while to give us an update and fresh report on all of that. but first, the obama care debate. the healthcare.gov was actually off site for repairs over the weekend. they said saturday the glitches are, quote, just at this present time of the iceberg. this week, as you might have remembered, the president traveled to boston to compare the rough start of obama care to what he called the slow start of the massachusetts health care p
tried to sign up for obamacare, can't tell us how many americans did sign up for obamacare, they can't tell us what level of insurance they bought, nor can they tell us in what zip code they live. they've told us that 20 million americans have visited the obamacare web site. they've got the basic information to shop but how many have tried to sign up? how many did sign up? where do they live? what kind of insurance did they buy? not only have they not told us, madam president, they've done their best to keep us from finding out. with wicki leaks and aircraft snow den -- snowden spilling our beans every day, it's the biggest secret left in washington, d.c. the national security administration could learn some lessons from secretary sebelius. see wee shouldn't have to rely on anonymous sources to get basic information about what's happening with obamacare. therefore i'm introducing legislation today to require the administration to answer the following questions every week, how many people tried to sign up, how many people did sign up, what level of insurance did they buy, in what zip
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)